UNIGINE Sim is a cutting-edge real-time 3D engine designed for the Simulation and Training, Real-Time Visualization, and Virtual Reality industries.

This flexible technology framework features unique combination of near-realism visual quality, outstanding performance, and support for unbounded, detailed scenarios.

Visual Fidelity

Every 3D asset looks near-photorealistic with the UNIGINE image generator due to sophisticated shading and lighting models, accurate atmosphere model, advanced special effects and life-like post-processing.

Built for Simulation and VR

The UNIGINE technology has been tailored and proven effective for the simulation industry by years of usage in various training, visualization, and VR projects worldwide.

Performance and Scalability

Thanks to more than 10 years of optimizations UNIGINE Sim can do much more with less hardware, drastically reducing total cost of ownership.

Massive Scenarios

UNIGINE Sim can handle virtual worlds of unprecedented scale and detail thanks to the support for double precision of coordinates, vast vegetation system, advanced LOD system, and lightning fast data streaming.


This truly multi-purpose framework is successfully used in many different fields thanks to the powerful APIs, plugin architecture, open data formats, and support for multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac.

Complete Framework

Full-featured platform for interactive real-time 3D applications: image generator, scene manager, full-featured physics engine, animation system, audio, input, pathfinding, GUI, tools, and more.


  • Transportation
  • Architectural visualization
  • Military simulation and training
  • First response services
  • Urban planning
  • High consequence industries (Oil and Gas, Health Care)
  • Virtual reality
  • Product visualization
  • Education

See some examples here.